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Our data center is equipped with a superior monitored climate control cooling system that ensures climate temperatures do not affect computing power. We use the Air Conditioning (HVAC) units to maintain a climate of 67 degrees (+/- 5). The Humidity 30-60% is also maintained at optimal level to keep static electricity levels to a minimum. Our Shared Web Hosting plans offer customers the power and advantage of plesk onyx. With this option, customers benefit from feature-rich solutions that provide ample functionality for the average website owner. Plesk onyx administrative panel is simple to use and customers are able to quickly and easily provision applications for their websites, effectively increasing the functionality with a click of the mouse.

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Hover your mouse pointer over Assistance at the top right of this page to find links that can benefit you in your online work. If you want to sell Bibles, health food or other useful products, we have an online store with thousands of products you can choose from to offer on your website. Advertise free also and put your website before thousands of people through our RECA program. You can even learn how to work from home.

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